You know it’s unconditional love when vomit doesn’t make you retch.

Parenting & Musings

Last night, for a possible multitude of reasons, Amazing M did an amazing vomit on her clothes, sleeping bag and funky new sheets at around 11pm.

Smelling funky as well…via 

It was a good thing she was next to me in our new bedroom layout (her cotbed next to ours with the one side rail between us removed). In my light sleep phase I heard then saw It. Banana, cheese and a few other bits I could discern from the generic fermented scent of vomit. Delightful (!). Mr B and I both did a quick removal of sheets and replacement of clothes and sleeping bag and to my amazement, M slept through most of the procedure.

And throughout it all, I did not feel the urge to vomit myself, despite the fact I has bits and bobs over me. I couldn’t even stand to hear Mr B do the same when he had noro.

I guess the true test will be when (I am being super realistic here) M comes of age and needs help getting over her wild night(s) out.

Promise to post something nicer next time!!




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