Ego on a sunny weekend.

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My ego was having field day this weekend. The sun was out with no clouds to cover the blue sky and I had the joy of spending time with great company. And yet, it wasn’t happy and decided to run amok in random moments of the course of the two warm days.

It really came down to the fact that I was exhausted physically and emotionally from caring for M alone while she was unwell. And when Mr B came down with the flu, my ego sprang to action.

How dare he be unwell! It is my time to recover and relax and I have to take care of two babies!!

My ego clearly thought Mr B had about forty seven reasons as to why he fell unwell in the first place. And could he not have had the foresight to prevent, it so as to make life easier for me?! And another thousand thoughts of that quality. I can only laugh at the level of ridiculous rumination the ego can achieve to get you to believe that you have been hard done by. Bleh. I can see it now. Thank goodness.

Well, ego. You ain’t welcome here any more and I am putting you in the naughty corner to stay put for the time being. London is far too beautiful a place in the bright sunshine, and Mr B and Amazing M deserve more than a sulky mother who in fits of sillyness, cannot see how incredibly lucky she is.

Mr B, thank you for being so lovely, even when I’m not so. In the words of a 2012 Eurovision song, “I miss you like Sahara misses rain”.

                                                                       Mr B, I owe you a BIG hug!

                                                                                                                                  Source: via Rhea on Pinterest



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