Dresses and lobster.

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Friday was a day I was very much looking forward to all week. I was literally nursing Amazing M back to health and I was getting a little bored of talking to myself and speaking the language of waaas and baaas.

Friday not only promised the return of Mr B from a three day absence, but also an outing with a girlfriend to the V&A to see the British Ball Gown exhibition as well as some dinner afterwards.

The exhibition was delightful. We saw many frocks we could easily see ourselves in. Much to my surprise one of my faves was a strapless lace print dress made of latex by Atsuko Kudo. Super flattering if you have the figure of a dummy.

And then there was dinner: Burger and Lobster. It’s a great concept of a restaurant – brainchild of the owners of Goodman’s Steakhouse (best in London, in my view). The menu consists of three items- Lobster, Burger or lobster sandwich and servings of fries and salad with each dish. The cocktail menu is divided into B or L sections. We both went for the lobster, washed down with cocktails and beer. I must say that dinner that late never tasted so good (I think we were served around  11pm).

It felt so great to go out and get some girlfriend time, discussing everything good girlfriends normally discuss. It made me realise I need to get some more me time. I have been neglecting myself of late and I have every intention of fixing that on the condition that I get home before 1am. Two days later I am still recovering!


2 thoughts on “Dresses and lobster.

  1. I checked out the website for Burger & Lobster. No menu but I def want to go there when I’m in London this time next year, yeah baby~! I can’t wait!

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