Sleepy two days.

Parenting & Musings

Amazing M has been such an amazing recovering-from-a-viral infection baby. The first day of her being unwell was spent sleeping on my chest or on the floor and in our bed. And then I finally decided to move the cotbed back into our bedroom as it was clearly the best thing for us to do given that M needed our presence to sleep better (which means we sleep better).

Last night she ended up on our bed again as Mr B was away and will be until tomorrow afternoon. Man, can that baby move in her sleep! I must have woken up a dozen times to move her as she sleep crawled all over the bed. What we really need is a huge mattress that covers the whole room. Something like this…


The last 48 hours have been very lazy. All we have both been doing is eating, sleeping, watching Neighbours and Home and Away and more sleeping.

And now, after many tears, feeding and re-lying her down in the cot bed for the umpteenth time, M is napping! Who needs to do stomach crunches when you have to do that at every nap time? M really has been great all things considering.

Meeting up with a good GF tomorrow night (fingers crossed) for some fun, so that will give me a good reason to get out of my pjs!


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