High temp and a growling tummy.

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Amazing M has a temperature right now and is sleeping so angelically on the floor in the prone recovery position.  The GP made a diagnosis of an upper respiratory viral infection and hopefully she will recover soon. When I was beginning to think all this bouncing around the house was getting a bit tiring, something like this happens! So lesson of the story is to be careful what you wish for. I did wish for a quiet duvet day where M would just sleep or cuddle up to me and we could just quietly play and sing together… Just get better, M!

I sent you the pics of us having a good ol’ time in Mallorca, but I didn’t add these pics of food.

Normally not a fan of buffet – as a child we would occasionally go to a buffet place called Denny’s (in Blacktown). It was seriously the best place in my little child’s mind. Chinese, hot chips, soft serve ice cream and fried delights! Which child wouldn’t love Denny’s? Maybe not Ms Paltrow’s macrobiotic munchkins. Well, once I decided to eat every single dish they had at the buffet. Needless to say, I was in much pain and really didn’t fancy Denny’s for a good while.

Anyway, I love Robinson’s resorts buffets. Great quality food in every single location (and we have been four times now to various cities). Now that I’ve gone from having a dozen courses a day to three, my stomach has gone into shock and I’m dreaming of chicken wings and jelly berry tortes with whipped cream (I’ve developed a delicious habit of having whipped cream with each serving of cake. Germans and their penchant for all things dairy!!).


White chocolate fountain. Got told off for sticking the fruit kebabs in the wrong place.

Not quite sure how this pic above was taken as I don’t remember taking it for starters. And Mr B wouldn’t be seen taking food pictures. So bizarre.

Liqueur soaked sweet delights.

They aren’t Laduree, but I’ve never seen macaroons at a buffet!

They had these on French night. Imagine my delight when there were unlimited macaroons! I felt like a child in Denny’s. They were too sweet, however, and I could only eat three (!).

Charlotte Royale


I’d better stop here before I lick the screen. I’ve munched on baby biscuits today and those are no substitute for the food I had in Spain.





2 thoughts on “High temp and a growling tummy.

    1. Sorry, I was too busy eating them to be taking any pics. They just looked like normal bbq chicken wings but they tasted so friggin’ good. Should I be worried I am still thinking of them?

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