Dreaming of fincas…

Food & Travel

Ok, the holiday was absolutely fabulous and what the whole family needed.

The weather was warm and for the most part, very sunny. Bliss!

To summarise the eleven day holiday consisted of:

-eating the whole day

-tennis lessons with the coach and games with Mr B

-swimming with Amazing M

-sleeping with M wedged between us at night

-reading and lazing by the pool

-playing with other mums and bubbas

-more eating and drinking (the chicken wings!!!I had many servings of them and I could have eaten them the whole day)

-dreaming of ways to stay at the resort by me offering health and entertainment services and Mr B working in admin

-laughing and chatting with Mr B at night on the balcony, as M was sleeping in the room

It truly was a fantastic baby/kid friendly resort, but great for couples as well. I cannot recommend it enough, even though it is a German club. Everyone speaks english there so it is very handy for non fluent German speakers like myself.

So all in all it was a lovely holiday. Robinson Cala Serena, I miss you already!!

I have my eye on a beautiful finca by the bay at Cala Serena facing the resort. Universe, could I please place an order for that? I dream of sangria and laughter on the rooftop by the Med with loved ones…

Mr B has the pics of the hols with him on his phone and he is watching a football game at a pub with mates, so I will put them up on my next post.


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