Where is the cotbed’s rightful place?

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The past week has been hit and miss with Amazing M’s sleeping habits.

While it is so normal for a baby to wake up many times during the night for comfort, food and safety, it is not so normal for me to have to provide that almost nine months down the track. Yah, I am a selfish mother at times, but that is necessary for a happy and functional family.

Things were going really well (in my opinion) when we first moved her out of the bedroom and into the front room. She slept amazingly from 8pm to 6am. Wunderbar!

But lately wakings have been very frequent and for the most part, it has more to do with comfort and knowing that I am there, because if I lay on the floor next to her cotbed, she falls back asleep- until she wakes up the minute she hears me tiptoe out of the room.  And so the boob comes out so I can quickly retire to my bed after a feed. The boob always does the trick. Mr B agrees on that one.

Sooo~ I am thinking of putting her back to our bedroom even if it means our room will be jam packed. Plus, somewhere in this mind of mine I do feel a bit mean for chucking her out so early. Mr B slept with his parents for a long time, and I think I was always sleeping with my parents or relatives until I was about three or four.

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Last night she did manage to cry her way into our bed- something Mr B is against-but even he conceded defeat. And even though us adults got about two hours kip in total, Amazing M did not stir once. She was sleeping so contentedly, and I think it’s because it is natural for babes to be securely positioned between the parents. But if the lack of sleep encroaches on my ability to be a nice mummy, we might have to resort to extreme measures…

Well, I say thay now but I have no will power when it comes to ignoring Amazing M’s cries.  I  am a firm believer that babies cry for a reason.

May tonight be a restful. Fingers crossed!


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