Pink luggage = glum Mr B

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I love packing for holidays. It’s the anticipation of better weather, relaxation and glorious food. Not that we don’t eat well here at home, but when on vaykay, I don’t have to cook or clean up OR do any housework. <BIG smiley face emoticon>

We did the preliminary pack last night and it seems we need to re-pack because I have yet to include my toiletries and pack the nappies.  And the straighteners! And the breast pump! And the batteries for the breast pump! And medical emergency supplies.

I guess this is where you need to utilise the extra luggage allowance they give you with an infant on board.

I am taking a lovely neon pink DvF luggage bag that my good friend gave me years ago for my first trip to London.

In full TOWIE style. via

It embarrasses the heck out of Mr B who likens it to an Essex bag. And for that reason I like taking it all the more. Colour aside, it really is a very sturdy bag that does not smell of weird plastic formula like his big black one. Would believe the pink bag is full of Amazing M’s things? That little munchkin has more holiday outfits than I do! I plan on spending most of my time in and out of bikinis anyway, so I am not complaining.

The weather on the Isle of Fernando (our sunny destination) is more indicative of spring than it currently is in Londres. It really isn’t Blighty’s fault that the weather is not of drier and warmer conditions. It’s the location of it and something to do with the fact that it’s more damp that lends itself to more rain. And as my modern day Krishna, Eckhart Tolle would say, the weather is neither good nor bad. Rain is rain. Sun is sun. What stinks is our perception of it. Accept it or take action.

Just had to throw that one in, guys. Cos I know that it’s getting cold in Oz and you may be cursing the many layers you have to wear. If it makes you feel any better, despite it being a month away from summer here, it is seven degrees right now.

Gotta go finish the packing!






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