Tennis ready?

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Our family holiday is encroaching and I am really looking forward to some sunshine, great food and activity.

I have invited the in laws to join us and before you say, “Say, WHAT!?!” you must hear me out.

For starters, they are amazing people.  I couldn’t ask for lovelier in-laws, and they are so great with Amazing M.  Then there is the factor that they get to see and spend time with her while we do some adult activity. Biking, swimming and tennis to name just a few activities you just couldn’t do as a couple with an infant.   Plus, we get to spend some quality time with them which is important for us to do.

I am au fait with swimming, cycling, hiking, yoga-ing and iron pumping, but tennis is not something I am currently good at.  I haven’t played proper tennis since the fourth grade tennis club I attended.  I spent the whole two weeks avoiding this terrifying boy who was calling me racist names (which is kinda ironic as he himself was of a minority ethnic background).

So with the intention of leaving the holiday with some basic tennis skills, I will get some professional coaching at the resort.

Mr B insisted that good tennis shoes were a must, despite my protestations that my current Nikes would do the trick.  And browsing through the tennis sections of sports stores did little to inspire me to get the plastic out.   I made a New Year’s resolution to only purchase things that I really loved, and not because it has a 70% discount.  This is where the internet gets very useful.  I googled ‘best tennis shoes for women’ and a few sites came up that had some useful information and selection of shoes.

And then I saw it.

The Nike Lunar Speed.

And I had to have it.

Well, I didn’t really have to have it, but if Mr B was insisting on getting me a pair of tennis shoes, who am I to decline?

I could get really silly and get kitted out in a cute Fred Perry ensemble, but there is no need to be ostentatious when style level is clearly the polar opposite of skill level.

Wish me luck!


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