Holiday wardrobe.

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Amazing M is having her nap.  Peace for my body and mind at last!

Now that she is getting more active and currently going through a moody/clingy/whiney/falling on her head stage, spare time to myself is as precious as a Laduree Macaron.

The house needs a good clean but now is not the time to be house proud.  If I want a view of an immaculate, magazine worthy flat, I will go on Pinterest or flick through my unread home magazines.

Mr B had to get up at 5am for a business trip today and because I was so desperate for some ‘me’ time, I decided to forgo sleep and read my Instyle magazine instead.  Amazing M stirred about twenty minutes later so I dragged her to our bed and forced her to sleep with me.  By force, I mean to say that I placed my hand on her arm to stop her moving about.   We managed a lovely hour of shut eye before the breakfast and falling on the head routine started.

And here I am typing this with damp hair as I do not want to wake M up with the noise of the hairdryer.  Seriously, how can such a pint sized human being control an adult so much?  I do know better, but sometimes I just have to throw my hands up in the air with Italian gusto and say ‘Mamma mmiiiiiaaaaa!’

I wish there were two of me.  Or even one and a half of me.

In any case there is nothing to complain about because this is what I signed up for when I decided to be a mother.  Amazing M has truly shown me humility, patience and unconditional love.  Things you cannot buy online or in store!

I’m very much looking forward to my family holiday on sunnier shores.  I’ll give you a glimpse of my holiday wardrobe!

A t-shirt with shimmery detail.


A lovely laminated silver skirt.

Bright pastel yellow jeans.

Animal print beige peep toe.


I’m not normally into wedges but these are great for holidays or a sunny day.

And for once I will wear a hat in sunny weather!

Let’s hope for a fun filled and happy day!


2 thoughts on “Holiday wardrobe.

  1. I tried to nude coloured shoes ~ however it looked hideous on me. I love the outfits though minus yellow jeans ~ perhaps in a lighter fabric would be nice.

    1. You need the nude colour to be close to your skin shade, OR have it really lighter than your skin shade.
      Sorbet jeans are my weakness at the moment, but we’ll try the yellow first before I go for the whole range!!

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