Our saturday.

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Well, today has just been the most relaxing and lovely day.  

I had the foresight to hoover last night so that I could relax on the housework front this weekend.  While I was getting all oiled and kneaded up by a lovely therapist next door at the East River Spa, Mr B played the perfect husband/father by mopping floors, doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, playing with and feeding Amazing M.  Pure bliss!!  And then it was off to our local Italian for lunch, where Amazing M fell asleep so adorably in her high chair while we ate our meals. Double bliss!! 

Amazing M has been getting extremely active of late- standing up and clutching on to the edges of the book shelves, sofa and windows.  Which means there’s also a bit of head banging and consequent tears.  😦  Oh, but she is just too cute when she cries!!  The wobbly lower lip, the showing of her tiny two teeth and the wailing.  Even her wailing is sweet to my ears.  I could easily bruise her chubby cheeks with my kisses if only she’d let me.  See, she is now at the stage where cuddles and kisses with mummy and daddy are a bit daggy and frustration producing. Contemplating life and eating book corners is much more interesting.  


We’ve discovered she has a penchant for drinking bath water.  As she glides about on her tummy in the bath, I catch her open her mouth and swallow the soapy water every now and again.  The cuteness of the burp that ensues is just … ah! I have really fallen madly and deeply in love with my baby.  I mean really. To the power of infinity.  And back.

She is now sleeping soundly in her cot while I am blogging and Mr B is watching Britain’s Got Talent.

It’s been a simple but great Saturday and I am hoping tomorrow brings more simple and lovely experiences! 

Hope you have a great weekend, peoples!






2 thoughts on “Our saturday.

  1. BGT and not The Voice? Are they still on at the same time these days?
    Sounds like you had a nice Sat with the fam~ Perfect way to round off your weekend… Roka on Sunday!

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