Azerbaijan + me = good time.


The last three nights have been less than fun.  Amazing M was unable to transfer her amazingness to the cotbed at night which resulted in less than restful sleep and a hideous mood swing from me this morning.

She is such a great baby, my M.  I  took her to the gym and pool the last few days, and she was happy to sit in her buggy and watch mummy break a sweat for a good forty minutes.  I truly have a saint.  So please, Amazing M – continue your benevolence into the night and all through the night.

Which brings me to the point of Azerbaijan.  What a random country and what a random thing for me to be saying.  But the other week I got an email from Four Seasons (because we only do seven star travel…I wish) advertising their hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Check this out!

Uber modern structures amalgamated with historic architecture make for a fascinating backdrop. Credit:

The only issue for my sudden departure to this wonderful city is the boob.  Amazing M is still nursing and I can’t exactly take them off and leave them with dad.  So I guess now it’s just getting on with it, resting up when I can, and practicing the art of compassionate patience.

What gorgeous masonry, and the tiles!! I want them in my future back courtyard.

This room has only two words to describe it: pure luxury. Very Four Seasons-esque.  Mr Manager of Baku, Four Seasons: could you please fly my family out for a lovely complimentary week’s stay?

I can smell the fresh linen from my computer.

And if the weather was like it is now in London- wet, cold and grey – I could just hole myself in this bathroom and spend hours soaking myself in a rose infused milk bath…

Bigger than our front room.Credit:

It’s free to day dream!!


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