Naked ambition.


This is a conversation that went on the other night after watching an episode of the Kardashians (a very guilty pleasure of mine) where Kris had a photo shoot – her naked form draped in the American flag.

DM: I could do a shoot like that.  What do you think?

MB: No.

DM: But no one else would see it.  It’s for us only.

MB: What’s the point when I can see you (naked) in the flesh?

DM: Hm.

MR: But if you got a Playboy shoot, you can do it.

DM: Really?!

MB: Yes.

I really don’t understand the logic in that.  The way I don’t understand how Mr B is ok with me going to a pokey little sauna filled with other naked people, but reels at the idea of going to an ever expansive nude beach where prying eyes would be minimal.


Credit: Educult

A prude European.  A little bit oxymoronic, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Naked ambition.

  1. I swear..I left messages here ~ must have not gone through. Yes I do think it’s amusing Mr B is happy to get naked in a small confined place but not the beach. A sauna is just way too up close and personal for me.

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