Nasally challenged – bah!


I am feeling a little sad.

I’ve spent the last good hour you-tubing Korean pop singers’ performances whilst expressing milk (I love you, Medela!).

While I was impressed by the quality of the live singing and dancing- Hyorin, you rock and I have a major girl crush on you right now- I couldn’t help but notice a strange absence of the typical flat, asian nose.  And what about the small, slitty eyes?  Have you suddenly been wiped out of the asian DNA?! What the flick happened?

Oh, I know.  Somehow we^ got thinking that looking like a white person was better.

Well, I do think what you do with your body is nobody else’s business, but what is wrong with embracing your features?  Enhancing the cute bits and covering the blemishes with a little make up?  But you hate your flat nose?  Get over it, you’re asian.  Detest your small eyes?  Get over it, you’re asian.  And don’t even think about pulling the ‘But I want my glasses to sit better on the bridge of my nose’ argument (DivaY).

If your looks depress you, check out Katie Piper’s story.   Inspirational stuff.

Surgeons of Seoul, hear me!! Keep your knife happy fingers away from my beautiful sisters of Korea. And the rest of south east asia, for that matter.


Me, nasally challenged? Step away, Dr Kim.

^ ‘we’ being of asian ethnic background


2 thoughts on “Nasally challenged – bah!

  1. Your nose is not as flat as mine and the nose job is still in the cards for me..although probably getting a bit late and old now. By the time I want surgery – might be heading for boob lift.

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