I love I love I love!


So, I have been perving on some things for Amazing M’s nursery come living room come dining room.  Something like this would be ideal…



but Amazing M would have to be the next face of John Lewis and Pampers and anything baby related for that to happen.

I’m very much in love with Liberty prints at the moment- Zara Home Kids have a range…

and Nike of all brands are adorning their footwear with lovely prints.  Their high tops are calling me and I just might indulge in a pair next month when the budget allows.

There's a hidden wedge!!



A part of me can envisage greys/taupes/whites but the girly side of me goes a little googoo over pinks and purples.  Currently I’m just pinning things onto my mood board to inspire.

Things I would like to get for M:

– nice rug, as she is always crawling around and now she is trying to furniture surf

– pictures in nice frames

– cushions

– animal accessories/decoration. Who doesn’t want an owl lamp?!

– decorative letters to personalise

– books books and more books!!

Amazing M has awoken from her slumber! Got to dash!



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