Fake it till you make it?


I have too many products in my bathroom cupboard.  In my quest for simplicity I will have to tackle the shiz in boxes and shelves at some point, but the first action I am taking is not purchasing anything toiletry/cosmetic/skin care related until I empty the bottles and pots of chemical genius.

This doesn’t stop me from eyeing the Boots aisles for the next best thing for exfoliation or dare I say it, fake tanning (uh -oh, have I been Anglofied?)!!

St Tropez gradual tanner for our upcoming family holiday to Mallorca?  The idea of turning up in a bikini looking like I frequently holiday in sunny paradises is very appealing.

But it dawned on me that I would need Mr B to cream my entire back/shoulder every evening for the next few weeks, and I don’t think he nor I have the will power or energy to be doing that after putting Amazing M to bed.

We shall see…


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