Can I pique your Pinterest?


Creative visualisation is a great tool to motivate, uplift and inspire you to do, achieve and acquire more. I try to use it everyday as with positive affirmations.  It’s different to fantasy.  It’s fantasy to believe I can participate as an Olympic gymnast in the London 2012 games, or any Olympic games to follow.  That boat has well and truly sailed off into the sunset.  Many a time have I been ecstatic to experience the ability to do the splits, only to wake up in sore disappointment from a delicious dream.  My mum thought it too dangerous to take gymnastics so that dream was squashed at the age of five.

But this post isn’t about squashed dreams. Au contraire!  This is where Pinterest comes in.  I have spent many a fun filled moment browsing lovely pictures to post on my virtual vision boards.  Great for creating mood boards for a current plan to create a lovely nursery space for Amazing M, albeit in our front room; ideas for my spring/summer and holiday wardrobes; places to travel and things to experience; amazing recipes to try etc.  The possibilities are endless and I really need Amazing M to nap more during the day if I can justify spending any time on the website.

The image above is a to-get bangle from one of my favourite high street shops, Massimo Dutti.  Sometimes I have to refrain myself from going in my local store as I am clothed from head to toe in MD apparel.

See you in virtual dream land, perhaps?





2 thoughts on “Can I pique your Pinterest?

  1. bangle is very pretty ~ I can see you wearing it and when you do get the time to treat yourself – I say pull the trigger on it! xo

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