Ignorance is bliss.

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Glad you are not around us squelching and squerching by-products of the common cold.


The intention this morning was to get to Soho and have some bibimbap to satisfy a spicy, Korean food craving.  Easy enough when you are without child; quick decision and you’re off after a quick shower and a slap of make up. With a bambino, you have to take into account the following:

-is the nappy bag well stocked? Nappies, muslin cloth, toys, disposable bibs, spare change of clothes, water

-baby food

-logistics of getting from A to B. Lifts? Stair free access?

-am I looking presentable? Are my clothes free of spit up/milk/food?

-is all the extra time and hassle involved worth getting to the desired destination?

The fact that we ended up eating dim sum at our local Chinese restaurant proves the last question is tres importante in determining  what we end up doing or eating.  I love you, bibimbap, I really do. I miss you and crave you, but if not eating you in Soho means I have more energy to do other things (like cook for baby), then I will have to see you another time!

The walk to our dim sum joint is quite pleasant. We pass a few art works compliments of the Canary Group. There is one particular one that makes me chuckle every time I pass it because I am sometimes quite immature.

I need to grow up. via deliciousmother

You see, it reminds me of a sphincter.  So very mature.  Anyway, the sculpture is called Vanishing Point and it’s by the artist/stonemason, Jay Battle.

Seeing as I had more time and energy on my hands I was able to cook Amazing M a proper dinner this afternoon.  It was a healthy and very tasty dish of vegetable and cheese pasta (pureed).

Vegetable and cheese pasta. via deliciousmother

Mr B thought it was delicious and wanted to eat it for dinner.  Don’t think it impressed my daughter as much. Amazing M seemed to think it was an eye cream and managed somehow to get some on her hands and rub it profusely around her eye area.  Needless to say Mr B was all too happy to finish off the meal. Hehehehehe.

I have a secret.  The recipe calls for carrots, broad beans, butter, flour, pasta, cheddar cheese and milk.

But instead of regular cow’s milk, I used mine! All three ounces of human milk. Mwahahahaha!

I know for a fact that Mr B would fer-reak out if he knew.

Oh, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!  Actually breast milk is known for its antibodies and it’s probably helping him fight the cold.  He should thank me, even…

It’s moments like these that make me so so happy.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss.

  1. OMG LOL hubby and I are rolling with laughter about your secret ingredient for the pasta. I can just imagine Mr B’s reaction if he ever found out! PUAHAHHahaha

    1. He knows… After I was cackling at the computer re-reading the post, he read it and was not impressed. He reminded me of the episode in ‘How I met your mother’ where Barney was owed one last slap from Marshall. (me = Barney, him = Marshall) I guess he wanted to spook me but he knows better than anyone that I could probably do more harm than him. Bless!

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