Lunch at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal & baby’s first haircut.

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This is meat fruit. Didn't eat it (it's chicken liver parfait) but doesn't it just look gorgeous? source

This is meat fruit. Didn’t eat it (it’s chicken liver parfait) but doesn’t it just look gorgeous? source

Yum yum yum yum. These are the words that came into my head as I slowly savoured each bite of my lunch at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. I am not a ‘foodie’, and I won’t pretend to know what the nuances of saffron infused such and such a dish contained. I’ll leave that to the food critics who obviously know what they are talking about. I’ll just tell you what we had and how lecker it was.

For the starter, I took the Buttered Crab Loaf and Mr B had Salagamundy. Looked too pretty to eat, but we happily enjoyed every morsel. I would have licked the plate clean, but one does not do that at a Michelin starred restaurant.

We had the Powdered Duck for the main, which was just perfection. Mash on the side was very creamy and is a smidgen better than the one I cook, but hey, I’ll give that one to Mr Blumenthal.

For dessert I took the Brown Bread Ice cream (with salted butter caramel, pear & malted yeast syrup) which was very delish, and Mr B took the Tispy cake- a doubly delish warm pineapple infused brioche dessert.

All the while Amazing M sat with us in a highchair, with awesome views of the kitchen and Hyde Park on either side. We were thoroughly impressed by the professional and almost automatic manner of the kitchen staff. Our table had two amazing views: one of Hyde Park, and the other of the kitchen.

To actually see what goes on in such a restaurant was almost mesmerising. Their focus, intent, sheer passion. The crew were definitely living in the now. I hope the kitchen staff get a cut of the tips. I know it’s not easy to be waiting on people, but without the chefs, we don’t get no food!

Towards the end of the meal, Amazing M was getting bored (even though the staff gave M a toy crate of veg to play with) and her voice a little too loud for the place which was slowly filling up with excited looking diners. We took turns to take her for walk around the restaurant and the adjoining bar. I managed to find a great little corner in the bar where no one could see us and gave her a quick feed before we left for her haircut.

We went to Trotter’s on King’s Road for Amazing M’s first haircut. Fifteen minutes later, a certificate of her first haircut in hand and not a tear in sight, we headed back to the station to go home.

Mr B has just asked me what I want for dinner. I replied, “If I can’t have Heston for dinner, I don’t want nothin‘!”


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